green is in!

Blowup is now a  GreenCircle Salon!!!

only 7 salons outside of major city’s in bc have been chosen to pilot the scheme

and lucky Rossland has one of them.

This means we will be recycling 95% of all our waste!!

When the pilot scheme is over in the few months it will be rolled out to the rest of  BC,
we hope other salon’s/spa’s in the area will join us in this movement.

working together to keep people and the planet beautiful

whats a greencircle salon????

GreenCircle salons offers a comprehensive recycling/repurposing program that ensures hair, foils, colour tubes, plastics, papers, and chemicals get diverted out of our waste and water stream. We work together to keep people and the planet beautiful!.

why us!

At our salon we understand how important it is to advocate environmental stewardship, to reclaim our habitat and urban spaces, and to advance positive green change. Through our partnership with greencircle salons, we ensure that 100% of our hair, foils, colour tubes, papers, plastics and excess chemicals are recycled and/or repurposed in an environmentally responsible way.

so what dose this mean?

95% of our waste will be recycled.

all our hair gets washed safely and sorted into tubes to be used in oil spills all the plastics, tubes and foils get cleaned safely and then recycled. leftover colors, lifting/lighting powder get treated and turn into water, any leftover residue get sent to to a special processing plant to be recycled. come and speak to us and find out more or check out the GreenCircle

PLUS  all our major supplier and products we sell and use. are all supporters  and members of Green Circle.


Even thou salon products have come a long way, every hair salon has waste. from hair, bleach, to color tubes, packaging you name it. in the end it all gets dumped, in the bins or down the drain. Well there’s a better way!

that is why we have join GreenCircle salons please encourage your salon’s/spa’s to become a members.

Today, each of us has a role in igniting and supporting a greener world. We all share equally in both the opportunities and the challenges of building sustainable communities and a healthier planet. In Canada, the salon and spa industry is generating massive amounts of landfill waste everyday. Business as usual means that salons and spas are dumping tens of thousands of kg’s of solid waste into landfill, and pouring thousands of litres of liquid chemical waste down the drain and into our water bodies, every day.

everyone is involved and everyone wins. it’s beautifully simple

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