The Glam Grunge coming to town.

“Perfect for the wash-and-wear kind of girl, a bit of messy bed hair goes a long way to creating a cool and nonchalant look!”



  1. Start by prepping your hair using Kevin Murphy hair resort spray on damp hair.

  2. Then blow-dry your hair.

  3. now take a large sections of hair Twist the hair once over hot Curling iron/wand. Moving the curling iron/wand upwards and downwards. This will give your hair a kink.

  4. Continue this process allover your head . Try to always use large sections for a softer look.

  5. Use Kevin Murphy easy rider (which is a Anti frizz. flexible hold crème) and give it a light crunch. This should give you a soft glam grunge look.

  6. If you like you can use Kevin Murphy session spray (a soft finishing spray) to finish the look.

What you need!



Curling iron or Curling wand .


Kevin Murphy hair resort spray .

Kevin Murphy easy rider.

Kevin Murphy session spray (Optional)

Hope it works for you. If your having difficulties, you can come and see us at blowuphair for some free hands on advice .

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